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Green Screen Backdrop

Use a Green Screen to make your home look more like an office or use software to add a digital backdrop to your working environment


    What is a Green Screen? A Green screen is a tool used in photography, or more commonly in cinematography, to superimpose two different images and add special effects to real recordings.

    The single-colour background simplifies the work of production software, enabling it to clearly separate the image of the subject from everything else around them. A Green Screen Backdrop eliminates interference from elements that are irrelevant to the final product and allows you to digitally enhance images or videos more easily and quickly. Green Screens are also ideal for work video calls. There is a lot of software that allows you to add a digital backdrop to the shot to hide objects in a room during a smart working session.

    The term "chromakey" indicates the overall technique based on achieving a clear contrast between the main subject and the background elements. It is fundamental if you want to add special effects.

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