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Custom Shape Sticker Sheets


    Our custom sticker sheets are wildly popular! We print onto a brilliant quality adhesive vinyl which is then custom kiss cut (We also do fully die cut stickers). Kiss cutting is where a high precision blade cuts the vinyl just enough to allow a sticker to be pulled away from the backing sheet, but the backing sheet is left intact. It's very clever and we're pretty sure there's magic involved somewhere ... or a lot of prayer!
    With our state of the art, digital machines we are able to print as many shapes as you require to fill your sheet and then cut around them for you. You don't need the same shape repeated either. Please follow our guide for information about how to ensure you have your cutlines setup correctly. If you don't have cutlines we will check your artwork and for simple jobs we should be able to create them for free. For complex jobs we will need to charge you £15+VAT. We will discuss this with you though, don't worry.