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Banners are either the kind which go outside on a wall or fence perhaps, or the roll-up ones which stand indoors to welcome people into a space or advertise something happening. They are very different things from each other and each has a wide range of options. This page should guide you through choosing the correct type of banner for your needs.

The most important thing to know here is if you are coming to order a banner you need to know where to head right now. For external banners please head to the Materials area where you can choose the type of material you want to use for your banner and then enter the exact dimensions to suit your location. We don't have fixed size banners for outdoors. Everything we print is customised to your needs. So in the materials area you can select, for example, PVC 440gsm banner and enter the dimensions in cm, meters, inches or feet such as 3m x 1m. You can choose the finish options such as "hems and eyelets" and then calculate your price.

For roller banner (pull up banners, roll-up banners - they're all the same thing just people use different terms) these are more fixed products with a wide range of base units to choose from. Browse through the products area and look for indoor displays and choose roller banners. Single sided banners are the most common type, so start there.

If you have a specific project and are unsure what material to use please contact us.

Our standard banner materials and their usual uses are as follows: